Broken link in the chain

Last Thursday my monitor unexpectedly died and, while it’s still got six months of a three year warranty left it’s going to take three weeks before the repair company can even look at it so on Friday I ended up having to go shopping.

LCD monitors have definitely improved both in performance and price and was happy to find a nice 22 inch widescreen monitor online (only) at Officework for less that $300 which the company promised same day delivery if ordered before 11.30am.

A nice little countdown clock was letting me know I still had over an hour to do so but I wanted to check first that it would indeed be same day delivery so I called them up and they confirmed.

I put forth my credit card information and got the confirmation email and everything looked good but a little later on when I checked the website I noticed that the delivery time was saying Monday so I called back.

Officeworks confirmed the order but said that their transport contractor was unable to do same day delivery as I am in a regional area but they could do next day delivery which for some reason has suddenly become Tuesday.


I’m in suburban Perth. I am 12 kilometres from the city centre which, in sprawling Australian cities is not very far at all. I am also walking distance from one of Perth’s fastest growing industrial areas and, ironically only ten minutes drive from one of Officeworks stores.

The company have clearly spent a lot of money developing their site. It is effective and easy to use but that is not any use if their third party service providers cannot deliver (in this case, literally).

This is what I explained to them as I cancelled my order and they were very understanding. The fault here clearly lies with distribution company Toll.

I ended up driving into Morley to buy a monitor from the place where I often get computer parts which (ironically) is directly opposite Officeworks.

Officeworks said that the monitor would still go out but that I should refuse the delivery. Toll attempted delivery on Thursday afternoon, nearly one week after I was originally promised.

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