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Just 2 and a half hours after going to sleep after last nights busy work session I was woken by my mobile phone ringing out in the office. It turned out to be the dispatcher from Messenger Post who must … Continue reading

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Protected: 4000

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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I am getting very tired of the “Dullsville” tag that is getting bantered around by media and sanctified by people who are unable to entertain themselves. The latest claim by the government is the new changes to the liquor licensing … Continue reading

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I’ve been dreaming of..

a new camera. NO! This is not some bad Photoshop make over. This is my camera which has started to sporadically take really bad photos. The LCD display is playing up and the zoom lens won’t extend fully without creating … Continue reading

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Computer Games

Emily and James have always played with computers from very little. As a result they are both quite good at games. When Thomas and Cameron moved in here they saw my two playing and wanted to play too and as … Continue reading

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Didn’t see that one comming

The last week was pretty good and I got to spend some time with the kids but I am still finding it hard to balance my time with them and the new job. Both Tuesday and Wednesday nights I got … Continue reading

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Time (ain’t on my side)

Getting my finances together has been one of the challenges of this new job as I have always been someone who is not good with budgeting. Having been paid fortnightly for the previous eleven years it did take a little … Continue reading

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