It sat by the door of the shop. Discarded.

A fast food store drink cup that someone had finished with. Someone who was too lazy to walk the 2 extra metres to the rubbish bin.

In the corner it sat until, inevitably foot contact was made by someone leaving the shop and the cup soon found a new home in the heavy traffic area of the mall.

A lot of people saw the cup but some didn’t.

A lot of people side-stepped around the cup but two more people kicked it, the ice inside making music as it swirled around the cup.

The next foot to make contact crushed the cup flat. Icy water draining out of it and splashing over the pavement as the opaque plastic lid separated violently from the waxed paper body.

Now the half crushed cup was kicked away from it’s lid and, when the wind picked it up, it was carried even further away.

Then the pram came by.

The parents pushing were oblivious to the half crushed paper vessel that the wheel picked up and dragged up the mall until it was reunited with the lid.

Together again at last.

That’s what I did in the 15 minutes I was waiting outside a clothing shop for Lia yesterday. What kind of things do YOU do to entertain yourself?

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2 Responses to Discarded

  1. Yes! But where are the photos?
    Sorry I haven’t visited lately. I’ve been somewhat busy these past few months what with the wedding and all. I should be popping in on a more regular basis now. :-)

  2. A flyby as promised! London was great!

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