More site backend work II

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And now I am busy!

Stage one of the updates are done. This includes the creation of 141 new thumbnail images that were not available for the various photo memes followed by the subsequent renaming and shuffling the order of 347 different images (694 if you include the thumbs).

The next stage is to change the html coding in all the pages that point to an image. Thankfully as the first 30 images have remained unchanged this means I don’t have to look at pages before my McLaughable post in Augusl 2003. I am also giving serious thought into changing all the posts from the second half of 2003 as they presently open in a popup window that is inconsistant with most of the rest of the site..

As the image numbers follow a similar pattern to the existing images I will have to upload in blocks starting from the latest images and working back. As I start to change the html files I will be able to delete the duplicate images.

So far I have spent 4 hours creating thumbs and 5 hours on renaming and checking all the images.

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