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Sorry. I will get my shit together this week, I promise.

Photofriday is up for those of you who are interested. This weeks topic is status.

The biggest story locally last week, or maybe the most contentious, was the total incompetence of the Government run energy company Western Power. While we sweltered through days that only got as cool as 27°C before climbing back up to the 40°C mark. The Government decided to ban the use of air conditioning.

It was a pretty dismal failure as far as I can see. Most people kept their air on despite the ban. I did turn mine off when I got home from work, but then put it back on an hour later so I could have a sleep. I would say that 75% of places I went into on my delivery round had their air switched on, and of the ones who had theirs off, at least one of them shouldn’t have.
That one place was a child care centre. When I went in, all the kids were screaming and crying. It was stiflingly hot in the building and the poor kids were uncomfortable and miserable.

I noticed on that day I got quite a lot of hits from google and the likes on “Western Power” and “restrictions” from my previous article

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