Construction Log

27 June 2018 (Version 8 – A long time between drinks) Moved to the latest Seja framework (3.0). This includes too many changes to list, but critically it is now mobile responsive.

1 January 2011 Rebuilt WordPress template and updated to latest version. Moved WordPress to site root.

31 December 2010 Moving “Pages” into WordPress (such as this one)

31 December 2010 Completed archiving old site within WordPress. Started construction on version 7 template.

10 May 2010 Renamed the links page to “bookmarks”. Intending to apply more links to tools I use and things that I find cool. (version 6.0.2)

12 December 2008 Latest WordPress Comments now display in the sidebar of the home area – outside the WP directory. (version 6.0.1)

9 December 2008 Content management and importation – 175 posts and 1175 images. Edited through the WordPress and Plogger administration interface as well as directly manipulating the database using phpmyadmin

3 December 2008 Installed Plogger Gallery and Imported images

24 November 2008 Site Structure and menus

17 November 2008 Created new layouts (version 6.0)

9 May 2006 Completed the revamped Image Gallery unit (version 5.1)

1 May 2006 Went live with new Joomla CMS driven front end.

22 April 2006 Installed Joomla Content Management System and started working on some back end stuff relating to the CMS. (version 5.0)

29 March 2006 Redesigned header logo with intentions to revamp the website

4 December 2005 Implimeneted WordPress blogging system to the members section (version 4.2)

February 17 2005 Implemented a DOM based menu bar to reduce space of links in left menu (version 4.1.2)

January 10 2005 Cleaned up backend and adjusted stylesheet (version 4.1.1)

July 24 2004 Started incorporating php to make management of archives a little easier, I intend to slowly implement things across the site. (version 4.1)

Jan 19 2004 Evaluated and aproved new “stats” management (Site hosted on ISP webspace means I cannot access my log files)

Jan 1 2004 Uploaded new website

Dec 26 2003 Started a full revamp of the site (version 4.0)

Sept 25 2003 Changed code to make XHTML 1.0 compliant (version 3.3)

Sept 18 2003 Converting pages to use SSI to ease updates on dropdown menu (version 3.2)

Jul 27 2003 Adding a page for “photo friday”

Jul 20 2003 Slight revamping of the way the site looks, slowly changing it across the board (version 3.1.4)

Jun 4 2003 Added an archive page to make accessing individual blog messages easier

Jun 1 2003 Modified the main page to suit more frequent blog posts (version 3.1.3)

Nov 5 2002 Cleaned up server. Put all Archive files in their own directory (version 3.1.2)

Oct 24 2002 Moved entire site onto my ISP’s server. Redirected to suit.

Mar 26 2002 Redesigned dropdown menu, further seperated family and business sites (version 3.1.1)

Jan 31 2002 Converted photo galleries to utilise javascript (version 3.1)

Dec 1 2001 Revamped entire site – New flash animation on Index page, neatened Index page. Removed frameset from site. Cleaned up old code in all pages. Renamed some pages due to deletion of frameset. Renamed some pages for easier archiving. Although the site is still on the one server, I have separated the Design side from the family site. This will facilitate the future moving of the design site onto a private server. I plan to keep the design site on tripod as a ‘mirror’ site. Changed the text font.(version 3.0)

Oct 8 2001 Added an update to monthly journal. I may continue this as a regular feature, however I am apprehensive as I don’t want the text area to get too long winded.(version 2.2)

June 10 2001 Revamped front page.

May 1 2001 Registered Domain

Apr 22 2001 Uploaded revamped left index, started upload of design side.(version 2.1.1)

Mar 23 2001 Added link to TAFE scrapbook and index page (folder content uploaded periodically).

Mar 1 2001 Uploaded March page as well as edited pages with cascading style sheet commands included.(version 2.1)

Jan 1 2001 Uploaded January family main page… without the new pic of the month as they hadn’t been developed yet (Technical hitch!!!)

Launched basic site on internet 13 Dec 2000. (version 2.0)
Added and updated family pages through to the end of December.

New Site Started 8 December 2000.

Original site was started in January 2000. (version 1.0)

First update Sunday 19 Mar 2000.
Cleaned up picture pages and improved the links page.
Second update Saturday 29 Apr 2000.
Added Jamie’s page.
Third update Sunday 3 September 2000.
Revamped every page giving cleaner access to every page. Added this page.
Final update Monday 4 September 2000.
Ironed out all the bugs in my coding from yesterday, cleaned up page (back) links added hyperlink to angelfire for direct editing.