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A long time ago…

I used to really enjoy blogging. I was doing it before ‘blogging’ was even a thing, albeit monthly updates on a static website. However over time external pressures deminished my enjoyment and I slowly reduced the number of times I … Continue reading

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Oh WPEC version 3.8 … why are you such a failure?

I have used the WordPress eCommerce plugin on a number of sites and have been very happy with it but since the change from version 3.7.x to 3.8.x I have been having nothing but headaches from it. The changes in … Continue reading

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Anti-conformist hero

With the major credit cards now offering contact-less payment systems there have been an increasing number of commercials to promote the service. MasterCard, the first commercials I saw had a guy out shopping for his first date with emphasis on … Continue reading

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Some Photo Art – Mechanical Objects

And now, back to uploading images… SciTech is a place that encourages children to learn about science. One of their exhibitions involves transporting balls around wire racks and looks beautifully industrial. Yes, this is the header I’ve used for this … Continue reading

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Rose’s Christening

I generally don’t do this kind of commercial work but as it was for a friend I was more than happy to act as official photographer for their daughters Christening. Actually, being asked to do so gave me more scope … Continue reading

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Touristy Perth Photo

I generally try to resist stereotyped postcard photos but what the heck. Tourist bus, passing near the Swan Bells. Perth city in the background.

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Some photo art – Architecture

I have a particular love of the symbiosis that exists between the Lawson Building and the Australian Stock Exchange tower in the city. The latter, a modern glass structure takes the elements of the older building, including the height and … Continue reading

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Some Photo Art – Foggy

Some time last winter I woke early, quite unintentionally, and realised that there was quite a thick fog outside. For quite some time I have wanted to get out and do some “foggy day” photographs but it’s something that’s quite … Continue reading

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Some Photo Art – Nature

I’ve had a number of photos sitting on my desktop for a while so this seems like a good idea to do an update (or three). This was so cute:  Not far from my home is a small wildlife park … Continue reading

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