It’s been a long time

I’ve been archiving my old pre-WordPress posts lately and notice that I pretty much haven’t written anything since January.

Well, it’s now the first day of August so I thought I should do something about that and (drum roll please) … here we go.

Not that this post promises to be any kind of literary masterpiece, I just want to write a few things and set some goals for this site.

I guess like many of my friends who used to blog in the “old days” I no longer do so because the reasons I blog are to allow my family and friends to catch up with what is going on with my life.  However in this day of social networking sites and web 2.0 I really don’t need to do so. If I want my family to know what’s happening in my life I update my Facebook page, or more accurately – Lia updates HER Facebook page!

People who write technical blogs or current events blogs have an ongoing reason to do so.
If I want an ongoing reason to continue this blog then I clearly need to think outside the immediate “my life” social sort of writing and find a clear purpose. I sometimes write posts of a technical nature but not very often.

Photography is the obvious potential for this site. In the past I concentrated on a mix of personal and photo blogging and it’s clearly a natural progression to move back towards the origins with a heavier leaning on the photoblog.

I’ve been putting the archives into WordPress because I really like the way it’s evolved. Version 3 is very cool and, as I write WordPress templates commercially, it makes sense to concentrate on it rather than using a number of different applications.

Sure, I can see a need for photo galleries such as Plogger which I’ve used extensively but in most cases using the default gallery in WordPress along with the lightbox-plus plugin produces a better result. I may also need to use a more targeted application for my clients if the need arises but for this site it’s not necessary.

Once I’ve archived all my old posts (which is going to take some time) I’ll look at rebuilding and redesigning this whole site.

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