Tastes change

This morning Lia bought me in a nice hot cup of Earl Grey tea and started mock crying “wahh, you don’t like asian tea anymore” sob, sob.

It’s true that I have been drinking Jasmine green tea for longer than I have known Lia but before that, Earl Grey was my beverage of choice. Recently Lia bought some and I have re-discovered the taste and drinking more of it.

Lia’s reaction, while only her playing around got me pondering food.

The kids have been asking me a lot recently what my favourite food is and I really can’t answer it. I tell them all the time that my favourite food changes depending on what I feel like. I use this opportunity to encourage them to try different foods any time they have the chance but, kids being kids often do not want to try things.

They are all a little fussy in their own ways but Emily has always been the hardest to please. There were so many things that she just wouldn’t eat and our efforts to get her to try things were often fruitless.

“just try it,” we’d tell her. “You don’t have to eat it if you don’t like it.”

So she would take a small taste and exclaim “Yuck” the very second the food entered her mouth.

The other thing we have always told the kids is that their tastes will change as they get older. We won’t accept a claim of already trying something as an excuse for not eating it.

Emily, it seems, has taken this advice to heart this year and tried all the foods she normally turns her nose up at. This was most obvious at Christmas dinner where she tried everything that was on offer and found that she enjoyed everything on the table. This included the normally rejected honey carrots, brocolli & cauliflower cheese, gravy and the stuffing from the turkey.

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