Ouch Pt.2

Moving forward one Saturday and James and Thomas were riding bikes when they collided. Thomas was fine but James got his leg punctured by something on the bike, a bolt perhaps?

It was pretty serious, enough to have someone who lives near to the park pick James up and carry him back, and enough for me to drop what I was doing and drive him up to Joondalup hospital.

We got in fairly quick through the Emergency department and when the doctor had a look he said that the skin layer had been torn right through but there was no damage to the muscle underneath which was good.

It was pretty gross watching him push his finger in under the skin and feel around for damage. Kind of like watching those horror movies where something is crawling up under the skin.

He then cut away the torn skin leaving a hole about 2cm in diameter and then stitched him back up.

Yesterday he returned back after a week at his mothers and I found out that infection had set in so he was on antibiotics and needed to have the dressing looked at every couple of days so this morning I attempted to get him into a doctor. Something that proved very difficult as many places had closed over Easter, including the big 7 day medical centre in Morley.

There is another doctor at the major shopping centre in Morley so we went over there only to find that they had no more appointments. I explained to the receptionist that we had tried the big centre and that my local doctor was closed and that the wound really needed to be looked at so she squeezed us in as the last appointment before they closed.

It’s bad enough that I couldn’t get an appointment at my own doctors on a Saturday (I actually phoned early in the week to try), but it’s even worse that the major medical centre in the area was also closed over the weekend just because it was Easter! Are they trying to say that people don’t get sick at Easter? Probably not as I suspect this is just another indication that there are more job opportunities than actual people able to fill them.

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