Ouch Pt. 1

James has been in the wars a little of late.

A couple of weeks ago he got into a little bit of an incident after school. At the time I got an SMS from Amanda letting me know that he’d had a run in with a bully followed by a MMS with a photo of the damage that had been caused.

It seems that he’d been pushed over by someone and landed face first into the bitumen, scraping a large area of skin on his face and nose.

He said he didn’t know who did it but it later became apparent that another kid was throwing sticks at James at the suggestion of his sister.
James, who has one heck of a temper, attempted to throw them back at the other kid but missed. He then went to throw them at Emily and it was at this point that he was pushed, landing on the ground.

What really upsets me is that Amanda didn’t think to call me regarding this. In fact, I didn’t find out until the next day when I went to make a phone call and found that there were messages on it.

I was pretty upset most of the next day and worried about him but did not hear anything else from Amanda so I ended up calling the school to get more information.

This happened on Tuesday and I didn’t hear anything else from Amanda until she dropped the kids off on Saturday.

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