Work Update

As you are probably aware, I found that there were many problems with my new job and I was just not happy with it. For me, family is far more important than money and this job was taking me away from my family for too long, especially on weekends.

The money wasn’t really that good anyway so at the end of October I wrote a letter of resignation.

It wasn’t accepted so I am still working at job X but, as a compromise I now have Saturdays off to spend with family and I don’t start work until Sunday evening. I have also had two pay rises since then which has made the job a little more viable.

Things have been running more smoothly since then and I have actually been enjoying the job however the last couple of weeks we have had a couple of minor incidents which have niggled me again. Staffing issues!

I really don’t understand people. Our workforce is quite young being teenagers and early 20somethings and it’s quite clear that none of them appreciate work. It seems that people feel that work is something that you turn up to and get money without putting any effort into and, if you don’t like the job then you can always leave.

Of course, if you decide you want to quit a job you should make absolutely no effort to actually inform anyone, if you don’t show up for a few shifts then they will phone you and ask and you can tell them then!

It’s clearly the side effect of an employees job market where there is, in many cases, more work than people available to fill the positions.

Of course, when people just don’t bother showing up for work it puts added pressure on the people who have turned up to work.

So, I am currently still at Job X…

I’ll re-think this after the wedding

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