Bali – Pre-honeymoon Pt 3

On Friday we were picked up at our hotel by Popie and Ari and headed up to the mountains to visit a palace there. Unfortunately we got well and truly lost on some back roads and spent ages stopping and asking directions.

Eventually we made it back to the main road and arrived at the palace only to find out that, to visit you needed to obtain permission a month in advance. Oh well, such is life.

We then headed back into Denpasar by which time it was getting into the early afternoon and I was starting to get tired and a little cranky and all I really wanted to do was go back to the hotel and have some lunch.

As it happened though we stopped at a restaurant near Denpasar and I reluctantly joined everyone for lunch there.

It was definitely worth the stop. I had some of the best ayam goreng (fried chicken) that I ever tasted, and that’s a pretty tough call because Lia makes really REALLY good ayam goreng.

I was feeling a lot better after I had eaten.

After lunch we returned to our hotel where we finally had time to just relax and do nothing. It was nice to go for a swim and just chill.

Next to our hotel was a restaurant called the kopi pot and, as kopi is the Indonesian word for coffee and, as coffee is one of my few vices I felt it would be nice to go and have dinner there.

It was a good choice as they had a wide selection of western and Indonesian foods. I was thinking about eating western food originally but elected to go with the rendang (Indonesian beef curry). It may surprise people that it’s not that easy to find Indonesian food in Legian. Many restaurants cater to tourists serving Indonesian styled cuisine with western influences, Italian or Japanese.

We had just got to the restaurant when Popie called us and invited herself to dinner.

After dinner we relaxed a while before starting to pack up our stuff. Popie and Ari came to the hotel around 10.30 to take us to the airport and after saying our goodbyes we headed in to find that our flight was leaving early and was, in fact, already bording.

After being on so many flights that were delayed we had on that was early and what a different experience that was. Normally you have to spend a couple of hours in an airport waiting for your flight but this time we were on the plane within half an hour of arriving at the airport and the flight was in the air about 15 minutes after that.

Ironically, we actually had plenty of money so we could have spent quite a bit of time looking around the multitude of shops inside the departure hall, we just didn’t have any time to look at anything. Last time I was in that airport I was stuck with travellers cheques that no one would cash and not enough money to even buy a coke.

It’s probably for the best though, Airport shops never represent value for money!

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