Remember Me?


You may remember me as someone who used to blog..

Yes, so ok! It’s been one day short of a month since I last posted something so here’s a catch up of what’s been going on (and why I haven’t been writing)

As I have mentioned in the past the economy in Perth is extremely strong. So strong, in fact that there is a labour shortage with businesses advertising jobs on billboards and sandwich boards outside their premises and we have been no exception. In fact because of the economy we are getting busier and busier but finding it hard to find the staff to fill the shifts.

We lost a few staff and some of the people we have to replace them have been less than desirable, coming in for the shift and not putting the effort in that’s required or just not showing up at all. On top of that we had three of our regular junior staff who normally work weekends pull out of shifts over the school holidays as they went off on a school organised skiing trip to New Zealand.

Trying to run the store with only half the people we need has been a strain and not a heck of a lot of fun and at the same time I have been busy with clients from my web business.

I am currently building for 4 new clients and two existing ones and I seem to be getting more work coming through including something that’s going to be quite complex to put together. More on that later.

While on the subject of Job X and the lack of fun I have been having there the store got held up just over two weeks ago with a guy jumping over the counter and demanding money. This is not the first time I have been on the victim end of an armed hold up but at least this time it was only a knife and not a gun.

My ex is giving me grief.

I had the children for a week over the school holidays and Emily was telling Thomas and Cameron that, once Lia and I were married, they would have to call me Dad and they would call Lia mum.

Well, we’re not going to push that but Emily decided that she wanted to call Lia mum and so she started to do just that. Jamie followed suit and so when they returned home they told Amanda about it which I knew they would and Amanda was not happy about it, which I knew she wouldn’t be.

Anyway, it seems to have calmed down a little now with her still not liking it but more likely to accept it. We told her that if she really didn’t like it then she could tell Emily not to do it which is kind of manipulative because we knew it was unlikely that she would if the onus was placed on her but then, that’s the kind of thing she has no problem in pushing onto me in situations when the tables are reversed.

Between trying to do two jobs and sorting out hassles with Amanda and having the kids stay for a week we have also managed to do a little more organising for the wedding and I have also done some work in the garden, moving a couple of citrus trees and planting a new one as well as moving two frangapani’s that were being obscured by bushes into the feature garden that runs alongside the pond.

Last but definitely not least, Lia has some paperwork to sign. It’s a personal matter and not anything related to the wedding but it can’t be done here so we are going to go to Jakarta at the end of the month to do that and then have a couple of days stop off in Bali for some much needed R and R. We’re sending the twins to Sydney!

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3 Responses to Remember Me?

  1. On August 5, 2007 at 6:08 pm liadella said:

    One thing I have to say is.. “Cant wait to spend the time alone with you” sayang..

    less than a month to go darling..and cant wait to see how’s your Bahasa with my relatives in Indo!! he he he (pokoknya harus talk bahasa yah kamu ama keluarga aku di Jakarta!!)

    cinta kamu banged..

  2. Nice to get your news, sorry to hear of the neverending ex-wife problems.

    I never got the time (and it’s a bit private over at chez-moi) but my ex re-married a month or so ago and my eldest daughters wedding went extremely well. I think we can all be “friends” now and that makes me happy.

    Sounds like you are having a really busy season – almost wrote summer … :-)

    Have a nice trip. My family and I will be in Scotland. I need to play with my new camera!

    Cheers, Graham.

  3. On August 22, 2007 at 9:17 pm juslooken said:

    eh yang, kamu tau aku mau omong indo kalau kita pergi ke indo tapi indo aku nggak bagus dong.

    Aku juga malu2

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