Getting on top of these catch-up posts now the other really cool thing that has happened is that I am now officially a web designer..

Not that I wasn’t before. I certainly have experience and a knowledge of what I am doing. I have clients who are paying me to build their online presence. What I was lacking was the piece of paper.

It’s fair to say that I have done quite a bit of study but the qualification that I originally started in 2001 ended up getting depreciated so I had to start doing things again.

The college where I did my studies did a lot to help me with the course. The allowed me to study part time during the full time stream (Central TAFE in Perth city refused to do that for me saying it was not possible) and when they told me that the current version of the course I was doing was ending last year, they helped me to complete the units that I had not completed by applying prior learning to the missing modules.

I had to pay to enroll in all the classes but then all I had to do was to research the learning outcomes required by each module and justify in writing that I had achieved all the requirements and so at the start of the year my results came back with everything marked as competent.

A few weeks ago I put in the application for award form and last Thursday I got my certificate in the mail

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  1. Congratulations!

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