Fuel conservation

Well, seeing as I drive a V6 SUV, that’s hardly likely but this week has been the first week in many many years that a tank of petrol has lasted me more than a week.

Having been a postal contractor for so long I got used to fueling up every two to three days depending on how busy I was. Changing jobs made an impact to that meaning that I fueled up less often but as my drive to work is around a 65km round trip it still meant that I was filling up every 6 to 7 days.

I took the car into my mechanic a couple of weeks back for it’s first service and he suggested that I should start using premium unleaded instead of standard, which I used to do in my Subaru several cars back.

With that car I had noticed that there was an increase in fuel economy but when I sold it to by the work van I stopped using it because it didn’t make any difference.

Well, I am back on the PULP and let me tell you. I fuelled up the car last Tuesday and now, eight days later the trip computer is telling me I still have about 120km of travel left to go.

On the downside, the fuel price has gone up again so it’s now costing me nearly $100 to fill up the tank.

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