I am getting very tired of the “Dullsville” tag that is getting bantered around by media and sanctified by people who are unable to entertain themselves.

The latest claim by the government is the new changes to the liquor licensing laws will kill off the Dullsville tag once and for all.

That’s an interesting arguement! Is the government trying to tell us that the solution to our problems lie in alcohol? Are we all supposed to just get pissed and forget about our problems?

Trying to suggest this one piece of legislation will change the attitudes of ‘glass half empty’ people is just plain stupid. It’s not going to change the reasons why people see this city as boring any more than extended trading hours or daylight savings.

The biggest change needs to come from the people who always like to look at the negative aspects of life and only then will we truly ditch the Dullsville name that Perth is getting stuck with.

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