Time (ain’t on my side)

Getting my finances together has been one of the challenges of this new job as I have always been someone who is not good with budgeting. Having been paid fortnightly for the previous eleven years it did take a little getting used to having extra money one week and then not having enough the next. I think that I am finally getting on top of that problem.

The second problem that I am noticing with the work is the amount of time that I am spending. My roster is supposed to be 45 hours a week over 6 days but it’s probably more realistic to talk 50 hours. Then there is about 8 or 9 hours of driving to and from each week.

Finally, once I am finished, I get home on the nights that I close the store and everyone has already gone to sleep. A couple of hours winding down either chatting or watching something and it’s getting very late once I get to bed. Getting to sleep between 2 and 5 in the morning means that I am waking up later and, without the constraints of having a reason to get up, I am sleeping more hours.

This is probably very good for my health but means that I don’t seem to have the time to do things that I want to, such as spending time in the garden, working on my web design or more importantly with my family.

Tonight was good though as I only worked 6 hours and made sure that I was out on time, warning my assistant manager that I would not be staying back because I wanted some family time. He fully understood and so at 8pm I was out of the door, picked up by Lia and the kids.

We headed into Mount Lawley and had Belgium waffles and ice cream at Gelare before heading home where I read a story to the kids before they went to bed (something I used to be able to do every night).

Tomorrow is my day off and I want to spend as much time with everyone as I can. The only flaw in my plan is I have to go and see a new web design client in the early afternoon but that shouldn’t take long and the kids can go to a park with Lia while I am in the shop.

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