Day off – Part 1 (The windscreen)

Yesterday was my day off and yet I was just as busy.

Despite the fact that I hadn’t got to bed until just after 4, I was up at 9 because we had to take the car out to Osborne Park to get the windscreen replaced. What a saga that was!

About two weeks after I got the car I was washing it when, on application of water from a high pressure hose, the windscreen cracked. I took it back to Hyundai because I felt that it might have been weakened during transportation but the service manager there insisted that it HAD to be a stone chip right on the edge that ran when the water pressure hit it.

With no joy there I eventually contacted my insurance company. I get one free windscreen a year with no excess and no effect to my full no claim bonus.

The insurance company was really good. It was actually a pleasure to deal with them and they put me on a three way conversation with a local glass company and we organised a time for them to come out with the new screen.

A few days later they came out, only to find that they had the screen for the previous model. Handy if I still owned my old car but not much good for this one. It then turned out that they didn’t have one in stock and so they would have to get a genuine one from Hyundai in Melbourne.

Add one week traveling time.

So the screen arrived but, because it was a custom job they couldn’t send it out with the mobile repairer and I had to head into the workshop. I made an appointment for that Friday at 11am and missed when I slept in. A week went by and I decided I should probably make a new appointment, although I was procrastinating about making the phone call. If they hadn’t called me I would probably still be putting it off.

There was no way I was going to make an appointment for Friday again so I decided to make it for Tuesday.. My day off.

When we arrived there at 10am they had lost our paperwork and it took them 20 minutes to work out what was going on, they were all apologetic about it and it had been a month since the insurance company had first contacted them so I guess these things happen..

Anyway, now we had two hours to kill… With IKEA directly across the road..

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