Makanan Indo

On Wednesday night we went to our favourite Indonesian restaurant, Sparrow in Northbridge where the food is always good and extremely reasonable in price.

I went through our order with the young waitress. Two steamed rice, a couple of chicken dishes and some vegetables. Of course, I was ordering using the Indonesian names that appeared on the menu.

It wasn’t until I ordered the two glasses of hot tea that I discovered that our waitress doesn’t speak Indonesian. “Dua teh panas” apparently threw her!

It turned out that she only had one rice written down because, while she picked up on nasi putih, she failed (again) on “dua”.

It’s the first time we have been to an Indo restaurant where the staff has not been fluent.

Interestingly there was the usual “help wanted” sign in the window ( a sign of our excellent economy) for wait staff.. Must be fluent in English and Indonesian!

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