I was so happy.. I bought another one!

Long term readers of this site will recall that, 3 years ago in October, I bought myself a new car.

I have been very happy with it but, with 2 adults and 4 children it is now impractical due to the fact that it only has 5 seats.

As a result we have been looking around for a new car.

Four months ago we started by going to have a look at the Hyundai Trajet but ended up getting distracted by the new version of my car, now available in a 7 seater model.

The trouble with that was that, after looking at the new Santa Fe, the Trajet looked like… Well, to be honest it looked like shit!

Okay, it’s not the fault of the Trajet, apparently it’s a very fine car from the reports I have heard from happy owners. The trouble is that you just can’t compare the two cars as they are both in completely different classes.

No matter though because, when we started to do the figures we realised that to afford it we would have to make too many sacrifices and, despite the salesman making progressively better deals for us, eventually we had to say no.

It’s amazing how four months can make a difference!

Four months gave us the chance to come down from the “WOW” that we had with the Santa Fe and gave us the opportunity to reconsider the Trajet.

So we went back to the dealer to have a look.

Yeah, it still looks cheap compared to the Santa Fe, but we weren’t going to let that worry us and this time we had a very good look.

We asked the dealer to work figures based on both cars and we got a surprise. The Trajet had gone up by $1000 due to the arrival of an updated model where as the Santa Fe had remained stable. The fleet discount that I get had changed making the Santa Fe a little better value than the Trajet.

The sweetener was the fact that, as it’s the end of the year and dealers are trying to remove the 2006 stock from the floor, they were offering free registration, free delivery and free stamp duty.


With the Santa Fe now effectively three thousand dollars cheaper it was now much more affordable.

So with the deal done, now all I have to do is wait. We were hoping to have it by the end of this week but it now looks like it will be early next week.

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