Drupal II

I have put on hold the development of the new CMS part of the site because I really need to get on with some actual work.

I have currently got 5 sites in various stages of development so I should spend my time being productive with them rather than on my own stuff.

The second reason is that I have hit a couple of technical snags and, while these things are good for a learning curve, it is really not great for productivity.

One of the snags is the incorporation of an image gallery which for some reason is applying itself to the wrong directory and creating 404 errors.

The second big snag is the integration of existing content into the CMS and I am not really thrilled at the thought of modifying five years of content.


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  1. Blah indeed!

    No hurry anway. Importing existing content is an advantage though or you can go the slackers route (as I did) and leave it where it is. As my old site is up for renewal in a few months I will probably have to find a way to import the old content, a lot of which was imported from Moveable Type when I migrated to WordPress.

    I’ve been sort of uploading content to Flickr as I don’t really have copyright isuues and have quite a few pics that are tagged as private which works well for me.

    Incidentally I’m off to a real Temple this summer for a retreat and will be sure to take some pics to show. My practice has evolved considerably since the last time I blogged about it (which I don’t anymore for obvious reasons).

    Happy Wednesday!

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