Time for a Change II

As it happens, Graham suggested pretty much what I was thinking of anyway with a frontside photoblog and a private members area. What I hadn’t thought about was a forum.. I wonder if this is a good excuse for a serious re-think on the whole site.

I think I might play around with a number of Content Management Systems and some Photo Gallery scripts and see what I come up with.

Towards the end of last year, Graham and I were also contemplating the future of Flip’s great PhotoQuest that we were all eagerly participating in.
I have written a very basic php script that allows users to add links to this site in real time with a view to using it for this purpose.

I did email Flip out of courtesy to see if she is ok with me stealing her idea which was also a good excuse to find out how things are with her. I have not heard back from her as yet, but I imagine she is either very very pregnant or extremely busy with a newborn.

More will follow …..

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