I’m officially broke, thanks to my car.. And it also pretty much wrote last week off as well!

On Monday (31st) I took my car in to get the 90,000km service done. Unfortunately they were unable to complete the all the work that day so they did what they could and booked me in for the following week (yesterday).
When I took it in I complained about some noise coming from the front left hand side which I said could be something in the brake calliper or the wheel bearing. It turned out to be the bearing so I had to take it to Hyundai to get it repaired under warranty.

I knew I wouldn’t have time on Tuesday because that’s when I had my TAFE enrolments that day (which took longer than expected) so I went in on Wednesday.

The plan was to organise a time for them to look at it so I could book it in and not have the car off the road, however the service mechanic said to me that if I continued to drive it, and something else went wrong because of it, then the subsequent damage would not be covered by the warranty. They said they were busy, but they would try to do it that week.

I then drove down the road to my mechanic and asked him how much it would cost to replace the bearing in the car, figuring that it would be cheaper for me to pay to get it done than to have the vehicle off the road!


I knew I was wrong just from overhearing the phone conversation to the parts guy at the Hyundai dealer… It went something like.. “Sorry, did I hear you correctly? How much?” followed by many expletives!

Turns out that just the bearing for my car is around $350.. I don’t know how they can justify that.

So, back I trundled to the dealer to book my car in, raced to the bus station to catch a bus home and then had only a very short time to try and find a car to rent. It was already after 4pm.

I managed to find a car in the city but I only had 45 minutes to get there and although the taxi arrived quickly, the driver was quite slow heading in.

Thankfully my car was ready the next day so I was able to return the hire car early. The repairs were carried out under warranty so there was no charge there.

A week later I took the car back to my mechanic so he could finish off the service and replace the front and rear disc pads…

Total cost for the service – $1250

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  1. Yipes. Having the same kind of car costs around here.. with two car accidents, in two different cars within two weeks! :)

    When are they going to invent the teleporter?!

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