Despite being rather busy, I started work on a new project for my LAN.

My house-mate wants to get a new laptop computer and was talking about maybe being able to access the network in her room so I decided that, rather than running 40 metres of cat6 cable across the house (ouch, expensive) I would go WiFi

It’s something that I have put off for a while because I simply didn’t need it.

Well, I went to get some kind of device that I could attach to my existing network but the router that was sold to me just didn’t want to talk to my other router.

The problem was this. There were 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port on the new router and in theory they should be the same but in practice the deliberate breaking up of the local and wide area networks created problems for my existing equipment.

I tried plugging my router into the new one via the WAN port but the new router accepts that the WAN port is going to a modem and not another router. Result, the local network is unavailable.
I then tried plugging the router into one of the LAN ports but again, because the new router only accepts that internet access will come from the WAN port there was no success. In this case the local network was available but no internet.

I went back to the shop where I pretty much confused the staff member who was trying to deal with it. Thankfully another person there realised what I was talking about and came up with a simple solution. Replace my existing router with a new one.

That was fine by me because the new router was still in the price range that I wanted to spend.

I got home, configured the router and the network is running perfectly. I even managed to do away with my network switch as I put my notebook and my house-mate’s desktop machine onto wireless.

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