Change of pace

I am beginning to feel like an actual web designer.

It has been my goal to supplement my income with the web work for quite a while and I have had moderate success but the last couple of months I have actually felt like my dream is taking focus.

The reason that I have not posted in the last ten days is that I have simply been too busy.

Most of my effort has been on a new website for Ready-Ed, A local company with quite a large web presence already.

This has been a shopping cart system and so I went back to the OSCommerce system that I have used before. The client has done most of the work on the database but I have spent a lot of time on configuring it.

I also put two other sites online this month.

True North Furniture has been a long time in the making. The client aproached me about 18 months ago with an aim to have a site online by November 2004 but they were in the process of setting up their business and put that plan on the back burner.

While I have not minded them taking their time to get the information together it has made development seem rather disjointed and the final site is a little different to what we first envisaged.

The other site is North West Tagalong Tours, an owner operated tourism based company. I am very happy with the outcome of this site which was developed over a few hours on afternoon. Something quick and simple but very effective.

It is good that my postal delivery work is quiet at this time of year giving me the time to work on these sites.

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  1. Heya, nice work there. Varied and very slick. I sure hope it works out for you! Best wishes from cold (but sunny today) Switzerland.

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