Indonesia – Day eleven

22 September

After breakfast I went for a swim before cleaning up my room. I wanted to get a packing plan together for the journey home and I realised that there was no way I was going to get everything into my backpack so I decided to get a new bag while I was out at the markets.

While I was still in my room I had an SMS from my ex girlfriend Indri, an Indonesian girl that I met in Perth, fell madly in love with and who eventually broke my heart.

Indri actually lives in Lombok and I assumed that she was there but it turned out she was in Bali as well so we decided to catch up before I left to go back home.

Around 10am Juliana arrived to take me to the bank and join me at the markets. I ended up doing the banking first and I guess it’s good to get that over and done with. After the bank we went to the markets near to my hotel where everything is more expensive than at the art market we went to the day before. Ahh tourist traps!

Not to matter though, I still got some nice things to take home with me including some Christmas gifts for the kids.

Probably my best buy was the oakley sunglasses that I got for the kids. Being expensive designer glasses that retail over $100 the starting price of rp 250.000 would seem reasonable to an unseasoned tourist at a little over $30 a pair, but that was not what I wanted.
I really didn’t care one way or the other if they were Oakleys or not, I just wanted some cheap glasses for the kids and I can get those a lot cheaper in Australia.

Because of the starting price I really didn’t expect the trader to come to the party on what I wanted to pay for them but in the end a deal was struck at rp 70.000 for both which worked out to be just under $5.

Juliana left me to my own devices after that so I gave Indri a call and suggested lunch. She agreed and after I had packed all my gear and checked out of the hotel, I went down to the main street and found a place to eat.

I then phoned Indri back and told her where it was and she said that she knew the place so I had a non alcoholic fruit cocktail and waited.

And waited..

And waited!

The time she said she would arrive came and went and no sign of her so I tried to call her but only got her voicemail.

For the next half an hour I kept trying but in the end decided to order my lunch. A couple of days later she told me on MSN that her battery had died on the phone and she didn’t know where I was.. Hmmm! Typical Indri!
I was upset with her for a little while, but she said she was sorry for not making it and naturally I forgave her.

With my luggage sitting at the reception of the hotel and nothing much else for me to do I decided to walk around for a while and look at the shops. In hindsight I wish I had cashed some more travellers cheques at this point.

After my walk I went back to the hotel and rested on the lounge in the foyer before taking a bemo to the airport where I met up with Julianna and Evi again for one last time.

Once I had checked my luggage and paid my departure taxes I had left myself with only rp 10.000 which should have been enough to buy a couple of drinks in the cafes just outside the terminals but as I soon discovered it was insufficiant to buy any drink inside the terminal.. And of course, no one accepted travellers cheques there!

My final views of Indonesia were looking out the window of the aircraft at the Bali sunset over the water, local children on the beach waving to the plane and I have to confess that I had a tear or two in my eye. I really was not ready to leave.

The journey home was uneventful and I was happy to see my parents again but I really miss my friends there. The sense of family is incredible. Most of my close Indonesian friends adopt me into their families, calling me uncle or brother or father and it’s not just empty words but true feelings.

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  1. Happy New Year and all my best wishes for 2006.

    Thanks for the travelog of your Indonesian trip. I couldn’t help my thoughts wandering to the last few years of spending some time in Bali. I envy your closer contact with people.

    In the end it really is a people-thing isn’t it!

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