Christmas 05

Yesterday I did my traditional Christmas eve dinner. It’s the third year that I have done it and that’s tradition in my eyes ;)

It was actually a lot easier this year compared to other years and I realised that it was because I didn’t have to come home from work and rush to get stated.

I got up when Emily woke up and we had breakfast and then went to the market to buy fruit.

I guess they had not anticipated the Christmas rush when they wrote up the original “Christmas Trading Hours” list because it said that they were going to open at 9am on Christmas eve and when I got there at 8.20 the place was already so busy and it looked like they had been going quite a while. As the sign was clearly a couple of weeks old they would have had time to realise that they needed to open earlier or risk losing business.

The small shopping centre near to me was also busy. As I drove past I could not see an empty parking space in the entire carpark.

I took the day at a leisurely pace and when my parents came over to see if there was anything that needed to be done I was on the floor of my office helping Emily with some artwork that she was creating.

If there was anything that I was going to be disappointed with it was the meat which I guess I cooked a little too long. I usually put the meat into a very hot oven which seals it up, caramelising the outside of it and trapping the juices inside to cook, reducing the temperature down to low and cooking over several hours.
When I dropped the temperature I just didn’t make it low enough. Still, everything else was delicious.

Once again I have far too many leftovers. It’s very hard to find a balance between having too much and running out. At least the meats and vegetables can be frozen down.

Things like the big fruit platter that was almost untouched are a little more problematic.

I think I might re-invent next years menu.

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