Indonesia – Day eight

19 September

Thankfully the sound check across the street didn’t go much longer than 11, perhaps 10 minutes after I had turned the light off. Unfortunately it started again at 7am “Sa du ti.. Sa du ti..” abbreviating the Indonesian words for one, two and three.

I found out afterwards that the building across the road from me is the Mayors office and that the next leg of the tour di Indonesia bicycle race was starting out from this point. I guess it explains 3 brightly decorated cars with bicycles on the roof that drove past me as I walked to get some drinking water.

Rofi messaged me and told me that she needed to go with her aunt to get “travel” back to her village and would join me after that, so I went back to sleep and planned on getting up around 8.30.

Just as my alarm was going off I got a knock at my door. Rofi arrived already and I was nowhere near ready. I suggested she go back to her own place and get changed while I got ready as she was still in the same clothes as the day before, having spent the night at her sisters house.

She wanted to use public transport but I gave her money for a taxi instead. It was actually an effort to get her to accept it but as I told her, the cost isn’t that much for a taxi and I really don’t want to be waiting a long time for her to return.

As it happened she returned just as I was finishing my breakfast.

It was quite a hot morning so we took a taxi to a shopping mall where we looked around at the shops for a while. It was a good way of avoiding the heat. After that we went to a different mall nearer to her home and had lunch there, took some of those tacky booth photos and then watched a movie.

When we got out it was mid afternoon but the temperature had already dropped quite considerably and I was actually feeling really cold.

Returning to the area where I was staying we decided to sit in the park opposite my hotel and watch the fountain and although it was not running at that time, and although we were being circled by traffic in one of the city’s busiest intersections it was still very peaceful there.
As with all Indonesian cities, it is very hard to get away from the crowds of people.

We had our dinner in an upmarket restaurant where we had fish and spices cooked in a banana leaf, fried prawns (we ended up going back for seconds), a vegetable dish and some satay beef. Including tea and rice the bill came to about 75.000 or about $10.

After we left there we went to a bakery and had coffee and cake and chatted until it was time for her to return home.

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