Indonesia – Day seven

18 September

This was supposed to be an early start day. Originally Rofi’s sister requested that we arrive at her house at 7am, but Rofi decided that it was too early so she said we would leave the hotel at 7 instead.

I set my alarm for 6.30 and got out of bed not long after that. Rofi called at 7 to tell me to have breakfast and then she would come over. I asked her how long the trip was and she told me about 40 minutes so I suggested she leave straight away and i will have breakfast while waiting for her.

So 40 minutes later I phoned her up to see where she was and she informed me that she would leave now. She didn’t end up taking that long because she took a taxi instead of public transport. The taxi then took us to her sisters house where everyone was waiting for us.

Rofi’s nephew

Our first port of call was a beautiful waterfall. Apparently it is very spectacular during the wet season, but is still very impressive I felt. After that we went to a recreation area, a park and swimming pool half way up a mountain. It was so beautiful and green.

Waterfall near Malang

Me near the waterfall

Me with Rofi’s family

Rofi’s uncle and nephews

The entry sign at “selecta”

We ate lunch the traditional Indonesian way. ie. with our fingers.. Right hand only because the left is for sanitary purposes. I was restricted in what I could eat because today was one of my designated “vegetarian” days

After lunch Rofi and I went for a walk and sat on a swing in a cool shady spot and read “Fox in Socks”

She now understands why I get tongue-tied when I am trying to speak Indonesian.

View down the mountain to rice paddy’s below

Heading back down the mountain into the city

So much time in Indonesia is spent just travelling. Because of the number of people, moving about is a slow process. Although we started out at a little after 8.30 it took us until 4.30 to do those two things.


I bought Icecream at McDonalds! I feel so cheap.. But that was what Rofi wanted and I know she has no way of appreciating the sacrifice I made to my ethics, but I did it anyway.

The last time I ate at a McDonalds was a couple of years ago when I met up with Amanda and the kids for lunch. In both instances i feel the reward was worth it.

While I was in the process of being westernised I decided to have dinner at Pizza Hut. This was because I could be sure of having a vegetarian meal there (It was that or Gado-Gado), but also because my stomach can only stand so much spicy foods.

It is now 10.40 and I am almost finished typing up my notes but I don’t like the chances of me going to sleep because for some reason some people are doing a sound check for a concert in the courtyard of the building directly across the street from my room. The desk is vibrating from the bass!

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