Indonesia – Day six

17 September

Today is the day that I meet Rofi. Rofi is a very close friend of mine and someone who I have known for a very long time. She’s also a girl who I have feelings for.

I don’t know if I can say exactly what point day 6 started. Technically I suppose it was at midnight, but normally I would call the start of the day as the point when I first wake up and I was half sleeping on the travel so I woke up many times.

After I checked into my hotel I messaged Rofi to let her know that I had arrived and needed to get some rest and then I slept until just before 9am. I will call this the start of the day!

When Rofi arrived at the hotel she bundled me into a taxi and took me to her sisters house where I was introduced to the family. She then proceeded to tease me and make me feel embarrassed.. Of course it was all in good fun and her family were of course happy to get in on the joke, but in many ways for me it was kinda like watching a train crash in slow motion.

After the obligatory teasing had ended her sister taught me how to cook ikan asam pedas (hot and sour fish) which is a particular favourite of mine. It was delicious!

After we left her sisters house we went back to the centre of the city by public transport, little minivans with metal bench seats along either side where you sit (and if you happen to be over 180cm like me, you sit very cramped).

We wandered around a mall for a little while (Lenda would be proud) before going to see a movie at the cinema. 10.000rp, so cheap, although it was clearly obvious that the movie was pirated (and I think a small part was censored). Following the movie was dinner and then I bought a new shirt for tomorrow as I was worried that my washing may not have been returned to my hotel room yet and I had nothing else to wear.

After that we sat in a park in the middle of the city, overlooking a very European styled waterfall and lily garden and chatted and enjoyed the cool evening until it was time for her to return to her home. I went back to my hotel and rested.

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  1. Just wanted you to know that I am following the wonderful storyline here. Very enjoyable. Sounds like you had a great (if tiring) holiday. When are you planning to go back?

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