Bali – Continued

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Bali is considered a second home for many Australians, especially ones from my city, Perth. This is because of the value for money and proximity. Denpasar is closer to Perth than eastern state cities like Melbourne and Sydney.
It is probably due to this that we have had a lot of media coverage of tourists leaving the resort.

I was in Bali just 9 days before the bombs went off and I have had lots of comments from people I deal with at work saying that I must be glad I got back when I did.


If I had a choice I would still be there. I am not afraid of the bombing for a couple of reasons. Statistically I am more likely to get killed in a traffic accident than through terrorism and also, as terrorism knows no borders, there is just as much chance of something happening here in Perth.

As a member of the Bali chamber of commerce pointed out to an ABC camera team, no travel alerts were issued when there was terrorist acts in London or New York.

So would I go back? Of course I would. I love Indonesia, I love the people there and I love the food and the culture. I am not going to let random acts of terrorism control my life!

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