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There are a couple of things that are really bugging me about my delivery job. The first thing is the money.

When I started doing courier work the money was quite good, however over time it has just deteriorated. I keep having my run chipped away. A job here and a job there means that the amount that I earn keeps going down. Oh sure, I get the occasional new client, but it’s never enough to cover the ones I lose.

Also, the running costs are increasing. It is hard to make ends meet when, in the last year the petrol has risen from 90 cents a litre up to $1.40. It is settling down a little now but it’s still too expensive.

The other thing, and I know I have bitched about this before, is the lack of time off.. Sick leave and holidays.

It occured to me a few months ago, that if I was in a normal job I would be due for pro-rata long service leave at the start of next year. This would be on top of normal holidays. It’s no wonder that I started to go stir crazy at the end of last year and it was then I decided to do something about it.

Certainly I couldn’t afford a holiday, but I had finally reached the stage when I could also no longer afford not to have one. My sanity was getting stretched to it’s limit and so I decided to plan for one in September and although my holiday was good, the return to work has not been.

I am still feeling disillusioned about the job and I am seriously considering a change. The trouble is that I am committed with my car for another 3 years and I can’t afford to get out of the loan. Because of the type of work I do, my vehicles always depreciate more than a normal car would, so it is usually 4 years into the loan that I can even think of paying it out.

The car is now two years old

I really like the car, it is great, however it is not something I would normally drive if I didn’t need it for work. I would have a smaller car. Something cheaper to buy and run would suit me better.

Something else I need to consider.

Despite the fact that the job is annoying me it does have one obvious advantage and that is the finish time. As I usually finish before midday I am able to put some effort into other things. My web business is picking up and I have been consistantly busy since July. I am actually starting to make money from it and it forms part of my long term goal.

Early starts would be preferable but it makes looking for work more restrictive.

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