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The other week I was complaining about work, although I should point out that I mean my Post run specifically. It is my goal to build up by other business to the point where it will become self sufficient and able to support me.

Mostly I have considered this a dream rather than a reality but that doesn’t have to be the case.

If you have a dream, then you can work on making it come true and so that is what I am aiming to do. My new motivation comes from an increase in my workload, going from having no work to suddenly having 6 new jobs.

The first is online already, with two more nearing completion, two in early production and the final one is on the back burner until the client gets me some images.

Also I have found a better business model for the domains and hosting so from now I will be able to make a profit as well as provide a better product at a better price. It’s a win-win situation.

The other benefit of having control over my hosting is that I have enough space to set this site up properly, something I have always wanted to do but baulked at due to financial constraints.

I will keep the older parts of this site on the Arachnet server. mostly because it’s too much to move the whole lot, but it also keeps the URI chain intact. but most of the recent stuff will be available on both servers.

The images I will move to the new server, mostly so I can make use of the sql database to set up a proper gallery.. I’m going to be even busier!

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