Sick and fed up

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The fact is that I am getting fed up with my current job.

I work as a contractor and as such I have to spend a fair bit of money on general running costs, which doesn’t help when my turnover keeps dropping.

When I bought my new car nearly two years ago I did it with the expectation that I had a certain income and I would be OK, but about four months after that I lost a single but well paying job on my run and I have been struggling to make ends meet since then.

However what is really annoying me more at the moment is the lack of action plans for when I am sick.

I had not been well this weekend, nothing serious but I really needed to rest this morning and yet at 4.20 I was having to get up to go to work because there is simply no one who I can call to cover my run. I don’t mind if I lose a small amount of my income what I am getting really tired of having to go to work feeling sick!

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