Storm Brewing

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Flip is not the only one who is noticing strange weather. We have also had some rather weird weather here due in part to a tropical cyclone in the north of the state. On Thursday morning the temperature actually rose long before the sun did with temperatures hitting 26C at about 5am and I know it definitely didn’t feel that hot when I shut the house up just after midnight.

Obviously the storm had pushed a layer of warm air south and that had caused the overnight heating.

Then in the early afternoon, not long after hearing two distant rolls of thunder, there was a thunderclap that shook the whole house and knocked my power out for five seconds and set the alarm off in the house behind me.

Apart from that one glitch there was no other problem with the power supply to my house, however the other 3 villas in the group where I live all suffered from a brownout. My immediate neighbour J knocked on the door complaining that her garage door wouldn’t open and she couldn’t turn on her computer so I went over and checked her fuses, then her computer. It really had me stumped at first because the LCD monitor was working fine but the box wasn’t turning on. I was worried about the power supply in the case, but it didn’t seem to make sense because the machine and the monitor is on the same surge guard.

It wasn’t until Ii walked into the other room and saw that the light fitting was barely getting enough power to illuminate that I realised it was a brownout. As I explained to J, if there is not even enough power to run a 75 watt light globe, then there will be no way her computer will fire up as PSU’s in latest model basic computers are generally around 350 watts.

I had a doctors appointment in the afternoon and when I arrived home again my street was teaming with Western Power crews and half a dozen trucks and then again this morning.
I’m guessing what ever got hit got quite a bit of damage!

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