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Sorry to those who have been checking this site and found no change. I was suffering a mild bout of depression and felt no desire to actually blog.
This week however, I am feeling a little bit better so.. Here I am.

I have been working on a new menu system for this site, however it doesn’t seem to be working very well in Internet Explorer. Netscape, Firefox and Mozilla have no problems with it what so ever, although they all render the stylesheet slightly differently. That would not be a problem if so many people were not on IE.

Yesterday the kids and I went to a kite fair where lots of fun was had by all. Unfortunately we had a mishap on the dodgem cars (remember when they were called bumper cars?).
One of the kids was being quite aggressive with the way they were driving and deliberately ramming into everyone, it was all in good fun of course but during one such collision Emily was pushed forward and bumped her mouth on the steering wheel causing one of her teeth to loosen.

I made a trip to the St Johns Ambulance post and they gave her some paracetamol and suggested the application of ice in the form of a snow cone. Great advice, Emily loved her “medicine”.

Thankfully the tooth that she knocked is just a baby tooth so there is no major damage, also she was also quite excited about the potential dollars she will be getting from the tooth fairy.

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