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I forgot the main reason for writing yesterdays post.. In the end I used it to put some photos up but originally I was intending to grumble about my works total lack of a staff Christmas party this year.

Bah humbug!

Thankfully the good people at Malaga DC have invited me to theirs again. The manager came up to me this morning to let me know that it is on Friday 17th.

I find it highly amusing. My office totally do not appreciate the work that I do. They make an assumption that because I am a part time driver, I am a lazy one. I am part time because I only work about 6 – 8 hours a day instead of the standard 12, but I work these hours because I have other commitments. I have my web design business, which I am hoping that one day it will take over from the postal contract. I also study part time, so it is not like my time is spent unproductively.

It comforts me to know that I am appreciated by the people at Malaga DC. My work load from them is about an hour and a half up to about three hours a day, but they can actually see the work that I do and witness my generally positive outlook of the job.

Two weeks ago however, I was feeling less than positive. A personal problem on the home front (no, I don’t plan on writing it here) was really starting to get me down. Then, on top of that, some problems at work occurred.

The final straw came when I realised that a couple of the posties were going to be a lot longer getting their mail ready than I thought, and I had promised another that his mail would be at his pick up point by 11am. With 15 minutes to go I knew I was going to have to make a third trip.

I lost my shit!

After I had placed the mail that I needed into the car I slammed the trolley back inside letting it come to a stop when it reached a filing cabinet. I then reversed out at great speed and took off.

On my arrival back at the centre, I had so many people tell me how grateful they are for the job that I do and the effort I put into my work, genuinely concerned about me.
It was a great feeling, sometimes you just need to be told that you are wanted.

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