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My very first client when I started out doing this was a guy called Gary, who wanted a website for his small business. The site never went live because he kept on changing it and rearranging it. He was also pretty tardy at keeping appointments, arriving late or not at all was his style.

Then one day he just stopped calling me.

While he had been making regular payments, he still owed me about $50 so after a year I figured I would probably just have to write it off.

I kept a google eye on the net looking for his site to pop up, but it did not. I expected it to do, I figured he would just get another designer to take over from where I left off, and that would have been fine by me.

A couple of months ago I had a phone call out of the blue from him. It turns out he had been in Denmark for quite a while and so had put everything on hold for a while. I was most surprised and made an appointment to see him the next evening. I was, of course, not surprised when he failed to turn up.

A couple of weeks later he called again saying that he had been in a car accident, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and was pleasantly surprised when he did turn up, cash in hand.

I had a call from him earlier this morning, apparently he needs to do a web conference tomorrow so he bought a new webcam.. and wants me to set it up on his notebook.

Is THIS part of my job description???

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