Phonecall would be nice

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I was supposed to go back to TAFE again today. New semester and the aims were to learn more about php and cgi, however when I got there the classroom designated on my enrolment form was locked up.

I had feared this would happen. When I enrolled they said that the numbers were rather lacking for the course, but it would have been nice if they had given me a phone call. I’m in rather a cranky mood now.

I’d actually gone to a different college for this block of modules which, while it’s closer to home than the one I have been going to, it’s downside is that it is in the city itself. It took me 15 minutes to drive there, 10 minutes stuffing around with waiting and having to go to the admin to find out it had indeed been cancelled. Of course I then had to drive from East Perth in peak hour traffic meaning it took me nearly half an hour to get home again.

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