Double Booked

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I double booked myself on Tuesday. I had the dentist appointment for the root canal and I totally forgot about it when I booked my car in for a service.

While getting to and from the mechanic’s was not a problem, the dentist was another matter. It wasn’t due to distance as there is less than five minutes walk between the two, but due to the fact that I’m happy to ride my bike the few kilomtres from my house to there, but I am not too keen on the idea of locking it up and leaving it. It’s not a cheap bike and I’m paranoid that it will not be there upon my return.

I ended up catching a taxi to the dentist, although this was more about time management than anything else.

Dentist.. Not a problem, I don’t know what I was worried about. I had the first treatment and a temporary filling done and was out of there an hour later choosing to walk home.

Annoyingly though.. Two minutes after walking throught the front door, the mechanic called to say my vehicle was ready.

Three thirty! They never normally have it finished before Five!!!

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