Water Pump

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Annoyingly, my car broke down (well kind of) this morning.

I was sitting at some traffic lights when I noticed a small waft of steam rising from under the bonnet, something I don’t think I would have noticed if it hadn’t been so cold this morning. Arriving at my next spot I popped the hood and could smell that unmistakable celery soup smell of coolant and a fine mist around the front of the radiator.

Turns out the water pump was faulty and picked this morning to start leaking, so I am currently without vehicle until tomorrow afternoon.

It’s annoying when things like that happen to a car that is barely 7 months old, but at least I didn’t get the run around that I got with Mitsubishi when I had problems with the shit heap that was my last van.

On the bright side, I got to come home early and have a sleep. I’ve got that cold again.. You know, the one where the mild irritation in the throat becomes a major coughing fit whenever you try to lie down. I didn’t get much sleep last night because of it and was really tired, too tired to be driving safely.

Another benefit was managing to get out of my multimedia assignment, which was due in at 14.00 this afternoon, and which is taking me longer than I anticipated.
I can hand it in on Monday now, which should have taken some of the pressure off, but unfortunately I have to do a major website revamp for one of my clients (I’ve pegged that in for tomorrow) as well as brush up on my PHP and MySQL, which I understand the basics of, but a custom scripting job requires me to do some creative lateral thinking.

I hate creative lateral thinking!

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