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Perth is fantastic. A city of extremes. Weather extremes!

Last week despite being at the tail end of autumn, we were still enjoying 30+ temperatures. This week started off with heavy rain (on Mothers day) then clearing up to those horribly cold mornings. This morning the temperature got down to 3.2°C which I know my readers in Iowa, Scotland, Switzerland and Sweden are probably scoffing at, but as I have said before (probably at the start of last winter), temperature is relative.

Perth is statistically the sunniest capital city in Australia, enjoying more hours of sunshine than any other, but it is interesting to note that we have more rainfall than Melbourne, which is notorious for it’s wet and miserable weather. Also, we get strong driving winds here. Anyone who has felt their cars being blown around on the road (or sometimes even while waiting at lights) can testify to this. Perth is the third windiest city in the world* after Auckland and Chicago.

With the low temperature this morning, I decided to rug up for work. I brought out the big faux fur lined jacket that Australia Post gave me back in the days when they were generous with their uniform issues, as well as my beanie. I was quite warm, despite the low temperature.
That didn’t stop one idiot asking me if I was cold.
No, if I was in shorts and a shirt, then I would be cold. How cold do you think I would be, rugged up like this!


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