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Despite the occasional problems, living next door to G really hasn’t been too bad, but I am going to have to get used to new neighbours, as a for sale sign went up out the front last week.

Yesterday was “Home Open” day, and I was able to watch the hoards of people trampling his carpet viewing the house. Because my office is facing out onto the (common) driveway, when I sit at the computer, I have a fairly clear view of all comings and goings. Also, because I have put a limousine tint on the window to combat the afternoon sun, people are unable to see in.

Well, it is scary when you recognise people who are going to look at the property, and even more scary when they are related to the bitch from hell who married my brother.

This could get awkward.

Although, then again, maybe not.
It is understood through contact with former friends of theirs that the “reason” Gavin doesn’t see his mother any more is because she has always hated him. It’s not true of course, but as they are deeply devout Christians, to treat his mother that way would be contrary to the ten commandments.

Maybe if her family know the other side of the story then the lies and deceit will finally crash back down on them. Not something I would wish upon anyone, but you have to reap the harvest that you sow.

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