Nothing changes

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U2 claimed that nothing changes on New Years Day.
Now I understand the political motivations behind the song, but I am going to debunk that theory for my own selfish purposes and unroll the new site

Hope you enjoy it, I must say I have had some fun putting it together. I am still being obstinate and sticking to updating HTML myself rather than using a Content Management System and I even made up a cutesy little logo that’s in the left menu. A kind of rebuttal against all these blogs that proudly proclaim what CMS powers them.

That’s not to say that I am against CMS programs, it’s more of a financial factor than anything. At the moment this site is hosted on my free webspace with my ISP. If I wanted to use Moveable Type or a similar sort of CMS I will need to pay for hosting so I can make use of mySQL.
Alternatively I could host the site from my server, but the uplink speed is only 64k and it would be impossibly slow. I could change plans and get faster uploads, that’s something to consider later, but for now I am happy to plod along this way.

So once again, I hope you enjoy the site. If you have any problems accessing it, or want to give me some feedback feel free to leave a comment or email me..

And all the best for the New Year

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