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Today the kids and I went to the Christening of our newest family member held at the same catholic church they were baptised in and I have to say, I am very impressed with the way they both behaved.

Emily is fairly good at sitting still, but Jamie tends to get restless quite quickly and want to do things. Yet this time he was happy to sit on my lap (OK, so he battled against sitting on his chair, but I’m happy with that compromise) and didn’t get restless at all. Also they were BOTH QUIET!!

The party afterwards was good too, plenty of other kids for them to play with gave me the chance to sit down and relax. I even had a beer. I find I am drinking less and less these days so that is starting to become unusual for me.

Back home again and I am now weighing up the merits of doing assignments or having an early night. I need to get them done by Wednesday, but I also need sleep. I have really been burning the candle at both ends lately. Two jobs, two kids and two modules at TAFE seem to be too much (or is that two much).
Oh well, at least TAFE is almost over.

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