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I don’t read a long list of blogs. Some people have long lists of people that they read, but I just don’t have enough time in the day to sit down and read everyone’s. Some of the people I read, I have found by accident, a couple of them are people I have chatted to in IRC.
The third way I find new reads is by people adding comments on this site and leaving their web address.

A couple of days ago I discovered another blogger this way. Thanks Wyn for the encouraging words in my comments section. I enjoyed reading your site, although the French sections are beyond me I’m afraid.

Wyn was talking about online communities, and the loss he felt when one he was involved with split in two.

I can completely empathise with this. For several years now I have been involved with the local IRC channel on the DALnet server. Friendships were made, alliances were struck, and things were generally pretty good.

Then came the major Distributed Denial of Service attacks on the servers.

Around December last year someone with a little bit of knowledge and way too much time started an attack using a botnet, which is a group of compromised computers being controlled across the internet, all being used to flood the connections of the target machine.
With all the DALnet IRC servers being packeted off the Internet, some of the channel regulars made a new home on a different server group, the group.

Eventually some of us returned, but the damage was done. Our channel used to have between 30 and 100 users in its heyday, tonight while I am typing this, the channel has 2 people in it. Both of us are idling anyway.
Some of the oldies still come onto the channel, but its not nearly as busy as it was. The other consequence of the low numbers is a revolving door or people joining the channel and realising there is no one there, so they leave again.

I guess in a way it does free up my time for other things. Work wise I have been quite busy this year and even though I am connected to the channel 24/7, I really don’t get much time to actually chat.
Still I miss it!

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