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I have a new car… I am not ready to find out how much things like tyres cost, however yesterday that is exactly what happened

I was heading up Alexander Drive from the city and had just gone through the Central Avenue lights (the one near that McDonalds sign) when I heard what sounded like something going pop, or maybe it was something flicking up off the road.
I looked in the rear view mirror but couldn’t see anything.

Three kilometres up the road I started to get a thump thump thump noise getting increasingly faster and I though “Uh Oh” as I started to pull over.

Getting out of the car, my fears were confirmed. The pop I heard earlier was my tyre and it had taken a little while to actually go flat.

I moved the car off the road and got swapped over for the spare. Grrr! In my job, time is money and the last thing I needed was a puncture but yet that’s what had happened… It was one hell of a puncture too. When I looked at it I at first thought it was a piece of blue metal, (stone used in road construction) but when I tried to remove it I realised it was something much bigger, perhaps a piece of compressed concrete.
It wasn’t until I got to the tyre repaired that I discovered that it was in fact a small bar of metal around 10 cm long that had literally gone through the tyre like a knife.

Alas poor tyre, its life cut short… Alas poor Visa card, unexpectedly violated again!

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