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In my spirit of impetuous decisions, I brought a new car yesterday.

Actually, it wasn’t quite out of the blue. I have been casually looking for a couple of weeks now with an aim to replace the van I am in now early next year.

Those who regularly read this page know that my current vehicle, a ’99 Mitsubishi Starwagon is increasingly giving me grief.
Some people might know that I tried to sell it after it broke down in 2001, but killed the idea because the dealer was only going to give me $11,000 for it.

Well, since that time, the number of kilometres have doubled and the car is looking a lot worse for wear. Mechanically its average but I do think it is going to keep causing me problems. It is currently burning oil at the rate of almost a litre a week. The trouble is, I still owe around $11k on it.

My second concern is my complete fussiness towards my potential replacement vehicle. The people at Mitsubishi were a bunch of idiots when I had the head gasket replaced under warranty and I vowed never to buy another one as long as I live. I need to have enough space to carry the load for my postal contract but I don’t want a van where I am sitting on the engine.
I need at least three seats so a Townace style van just wont cut it.

It was then when I started thinking of a Subaru Forrester. I owned an Impreza prior to the Mitsy and it really was the best car I have ever owned, so I had this romantic notion of getting the Forrester so I could have another Subaru.
It wasn’t to be. Yesterday I went up to Wangara to have a look at them and they are surprisingly small on the inside. so I decided to go back down to Morley and have a look at something along the lines of a Toyota Rav4

The Rav4 is a mini 4 wheel drive and looking at it, it was a perfect size for what I wanted to do. The Salesman also suggested that the Townace van can be modified to add extra seats in the back for under $30,000 so that gave me another option.

Jamie was having fun beeping the horns in all the cars that we were looking at so seeing as he wasn’t bored I asked him if he wanted to look at more cars.
Yes, was the resounding response.

We walked next door to the Hyundai dealer and the salesman showed me a Santa Fe, the Hyundai compact 4×4. He pointed out a white demonstrator model that was available for purchase and suggested I take a test drive.
Naturally, I did!

I said to him that it was a very nice car and that if I thought there was a hope in hell that I would get $11,000 for the Starwagon, then I would do the deal.

I love waving red rags at bulls.

Yes, I got my asking price on the trade in. Yes I got a new car on the road with extras for less than recommended retail, and this morning I got the phone call to say “Yes, the finance is approved”.

My new car

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