Birthday Dinner

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For dinner on Wednesday we went to Chinois at the Burswood. I was in a seafood mood and was contemplating the Dhufish, which was served with grilled asparagus and a light tomato Neapolitan sauce, but then I found out they had Patagonian Tooth Fish.
I realised that this was a chance that wasn’t going to present itself again for a while so I had to try it

Melted in the mouth.
I can certainly understand why poachers are tying to hunt this fish to extinction. While sustainable fishing does occur, there are increasing reports of pirate fishing trawlers coming into Australian territorial waters to catch this fish, prized in US and Japanese markets. I hope my children will be able to enjoy it one day. I guess time will tell.

Talking about extinction, there is an ISP in Australia called Dodo. In these post dot com crash days, anyone calling their Internet business after an extinct bird is either mind numbingly stupid, or has a great sense of adventure.
Did you click on the link? The site is hell annoying. I hope their web creator goes the way of the Dodo.

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